CLiCk, Speak

News - June 18, 2008

New CLiCk, Speak Bundle: The wait is over! This new version introduces several bug fixes and much better Mac support with the ability to use the native Mac TTS! The options menu has also been refined. Now, it is possible to set the rate and pitch directly from the CLiCk, Speak Options menu! Oh, and then there's also Firefox 3 support as Firefox 3 is now out of beta. Hope everyone enjoys the new and much improved CLiCk, Speak.

Since the beginning of launching CLiCk, Speak, one of my goals has been for CLiCk, Speak to be a useful tool in improving literacy. Thus I am very pleased to announce that Wildflower USA has decided to use CLiCk, Speak for that very purpose and has put up an online version of the Furello book that was optimized for CLiCk, Speak at the "Listen to Furello" link on that page. The Furello series has been used in the Texas educational system to boost literacy and has won an award from the Native American Arts Council.

To everyone who's asked me about where to get voices for French and Spanish, I am happy to announce that there are now commercial voices available for those languages on the Additional Voices page. There are also voices for Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean - as well as English voices that are much higher quality than what you get by default with Windows.