Installation Guide for Mac

  1. Download and install Firefox.

  2. Install the Java Embedding Plugin.

  3. Since the clc4tts_freetts_installer.jar installer needs to add the files needed for FreeTTS into your Java home directory, you will have to turn down the security on that directory before running the installer. Otherwise, you will get a permission denied error when you try to run the installer. To turn down the security settings, give full permissions to this directory: "/system/library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework" These full permissions should also be granted to all of this directory's subdirectories. After the installer has finished, you may restore the original permissions.

  4. Download and install the "CLC-4-TTS to FreeTTS Interface" from the downloads page.

  5. Download and install the "CLC-4-TTS Suite with CLiCk, Speak - Bundle Pack" from the downloads page.

  6. Start Firefox and go to File, Open File. Then choose the file you just downloaded in the previous step.

  7. Click the "Install Now" button on the window that pops up.

  8. Restart Firefox twice. Congratulations, you've just set up CLiCk, Speak.